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 How much does a session cost? 

 Your average session can run you $250 – $400 (averaging $295). It all depends on the number of  looks you (or your agent) want.  The more involved the shoot, the more the cost.  A photoshoot  can cost as much as $600 or more.  If you have any questions,      please contact me  at Info@rackedfocus.com.  The simple answer to this... Email or Call and to inquire.

 What do I get from my session?  

  • The average headshot session will consist of 3-5 looks (this means 3-5 wardrobe/hair changes)
  • You will get an online link to download the RAW IMAGES (which you will have full rights to).  I use this process instead of giving you an actual CD.  
  • You will also get an online proof sheet.  This is what you will use to share the session with your agent/manager.  It can be viewed on an iPad, iPhone or any other smart phone as well as any conventional computer.
  • You will get my knowledge and experience in helping you select wardrobe prior to the shoot.
  • You will own the rights to all of your images.

 How long will a session take? 

 Usually, my average headshot session would last about an hour.

  Where is your studio located?

 Most of my headshots are photographed using NATURAL LIGHT, thus I do not shoot "inside a  studio."  I generally choose a    convenient location out of the West Hollywood area, but of course  this all depends on the day of the week & time of day we shoot.

 What Should I Do to Prepare for My Photoshoot? 

 Please, DO NOT underestimate how important preparation is for your photoshoot.  The more  prepared you are, the better your  photos will be.   Please read all the information on my website  thouroughly.  Look at the headshots I use on my site to help guide  you of the types of wardrobe  I would be looking for.  But, once you book, you will be receiving an email from me with a  location  confirmation & a PDF document with more detailed information to help guide you  through the preparation.

 What approach should I take for my shoot? 

 Everyone is different.  In general, here are a few good points to remember. 


  • BE REALISTIC! If you are 38, don’t go into the shoot thinking you’re going to play a high school junior.  I often get great results, but I can’t always create miracles.  If you have a receding hairline, I can shoot at certain angles so it doesn’t show it so much, but I can’t give you a full head of hair if you’re bald!

  • Please dress "age appropriate."   This means if you are 14, then dress 14 and not 24.  I've been known to cancel mid-shoot for this very reason.  You will not be doing yourself any favors by playing older than you actually are.  The business generally doesn't work that way.  Often times, casting directors are looking for “18 to play 16″ or “18 to play younger.”  Why?  Well, it costs less for the producers to hire an adult to play younger IF they can get away with it.  If you have more questions regarding this, please ask.

 How much experience do you have and what's your education? 

  • I have a BA in Cinema & Television Arts from California State University Northridge.  
  • I also have an AA degree in Photography from Santa Monica College.
  • I’ve been shooting my whole life, but I have been shooting professionally since 2004 (the year I graduated from Film School).
  • I love what I do and because of that, you're in very good hands!
  • I have LOTS OF EXPERIENCE working with actors with all levels of experience.

 How many wardrobe changes do I get?  

 If you come prepared with good options for wardrobe, then usually 3-5 changes of clothes.  I  generally shoot till I'm convinced we  got what we need.

 Do you do hair & make-up? 

 I personally don’t do hair and make up (other than basic hair adjustments).  IF you need a make-  up artist, I suggest you find  someone that you are comfortable with.  I do work with a few make-  up artists, so I can make that referral if need be.  But, like I  said, it's important that YOU are  comfortable with who is chosen.  Please discuss with me before doing anything.  Often times,  younger clients don’t need hair/make-up.  The cost for the hair & make-up usually ranges from  75$-$200 per session on top of  the cost of the photoshoot.

 What forms of payments will you receive? 

 Cash, check or Credit Card via my website (PayPal) is usually accepted.

 What if I need to cancel my scheduled session? 

 I’m flexible and understand that you may need to cancel do to circumstances out of your control.  I just ask that you give me as  much notice as possible.  If you cancel or don’t show up without  prior notice, I will be charging a nonrefundable $125 fee.

 What if I am unhappy with my photos? 

 I GUARANTEE MY WORK with your agent or manager!  If you come prepared & If for any other  reason your representation is  unhappy, I reshoot for free!  All reshoots must be requested within  3 weeks of the original shoot.

 Who owns the rights to the photos?

 You do!  The photos are yours.  They belong to you!  Having said that, I do like to use photos of  my clients on my website.  If you  have any objections to that, please let me know.  You have the  freedom & permission to do what you would like with them.  You  should not have any issues  getting 4×6 prints at Costco or CVS or 8×10 prints at Argentum Photo Lab or anywhere else.

 If you are unsure about any of these issues, DO NOT WORRY!  Call or email me and I would be  happy to help.

 Nasim Saleh


How to Prepare for your Photoshoot 


 Bring lots of wardrobe.  I cannot stress this enough.  Lots of wardrobe on hangers.

 I want to see different colors, styles, textures and layers.

 I want to be able to choose what looks best with his skin/eyes etc.

 Please view my site to get an idea of what the overall goal is.

 I want different everything.  Different colors.  Different styles.  Different Cuts.  Patterns can even  be ok. The more you bring me, the  more we have to choose from.  If you are in doubt, bring it  and I will decide on set.

 You can get a good idea of what to bring by looking at my site.

 It’s important that you TRUST the professionals to do what the professionals do.  Trust your  agent.  Trust your manager. Trust your  acting coach.  Trust your publicist.  TRUST YOUR  PHOTOGRAPHER.  Trust your instincts.

 Just send me a text or give me phone call when you are about 30 minutes away.

 Make sure the clothes aren’t too big or baggy.  The wardrobe should be snug, but not too tight  either.

 Put all clothes on hangers and make sure they are ironed ad ready to wear.

 Unless told otherwise, bring just ONE or TWO pairs of pants and one pair of shoes.

 Also,there is a lot of information on the site (www.RackedFocus.com) that will help you get prepared.


 DO BRING ACCESSORIES…. If you generally wear glasses, bring a couple of different pairs of  glasses where we can pop the glass out.   I don’t like to shoot through glass (even non-reflective  lenses).  Buy a couple of affordable pairs of frames.

 FOR FEMALES or YOUNG GIRLS – Do bring hair accessories, headband, bands, brush etc.


 FOR BOYS – KEEP YOUR HAIR SIMPLE.  But, bring a brush, gel, hair product anyway in the likelihood that we will need it.

 BE REALISTIC ABOUT YOUR TYPE AND DRESS ACCORDINGLY!  Please understand your type and  bring appropriate wardrobe.  Be  realistic about what “your type” and you’re more likely to  audition and to book.  I CANNOT STRESS THIS ENOUGH.



 DO NOT just bring the same style but just different colors.

 DO NOT bring wardrobe that is too baggy or too tight or low cut.

 DO NOT overthink the process.  IT SHOULD BE EASY AND SIMPLE

 DO NOT STRESS YOUR CHILD OUT prior to the shoot.  I understand that you want to get it right and it can be stressful for you, but IT  SHOULD NOT BE STRESSFUL.  So, just relax and enjoy the process.

 DO NOT just shove your clothes in a bag and expect it to be ready to wear.

 DO NOT put a lot of hair product in your hair prior to the shoot.  Often times, simple is better and if we need to put product in your  hair, we’re better of waiting to do it during the shoot.

 DO NOT BE LATE as my schedule can often times be tight.  If you’re going to be late, please call in advance.



 We will do 3-5 looks.  The better the wardrobe, the better the looks.

 The shoot should only take 45 minutes to an hour – If we are doing it right.  It’s a simple easy and fun process.

 You will get a disk with all the images on it and it usually takes 3-5 days to receive the disk after the shoot.

 The online proofsheet, which is usually recommended by most agents/managers is an additional $20 on top of the price of the  photoshoot.  The online proof sheet makes it easy to share and show your photos with those on your team without having to worry  about a disk.

 The address will be provided a couple of days prior to the shoot.  I don’t shoot at the same location with every shoot.

 Generally, we will be shooting out of the BEVERLY HILLS or WEST HOLLYWOOD AREAS.

 As I said, I guarantee all my work with your agent/manager.  If your agent/manager is not happy, I reshoot for free… (reshoots are  at  my discresition, but generally never have an issue with photos or reshooting if your representation is not happy.)

 Reshoots (at photographers discretion) must be rescheduled within 21 days of the scheduled shoot day.

 The AVERAGE cost of a shoot could range anywhere from $275 - $375

 The cost of the shoot will depend on many things:  number of looks, hair changes, referral etc…. Please call or email to discuss in  more detail.

 I don’t charge a cancelation fee.  But, please be considerate of my time.  If you need to cancel, give me as much notice as possible  if  canceling.

 I do have relationships with various managers & agents and if I’m comfortable with referring a client, I can often times refer you to  someone that may be a good fit.  Once again, you have to go with someone that you’re comfortable with.  Being comfortable is key,  whether it’s with an agent or manager or photographer.